Grand Master Bryan’s guidance has helped my family in many ways. My family has become much more healthier, stronger, more flexible and has helped our family become closer. His teaching is a rare combination of patience, compassion, and expert-level skill. His incredible experience and high level instructors are second to none in the Martial arts world. He expects the best from all of his students and sets a high standard of respect and conduct in all of his classes. If you are looking for a program that is cost effective, family oriented, healthy, supportive and rewarding then I highly recommend Bryan’s Taekwon-do.

Dan SmeltGreen Belt

My son has been taking lessons at Bryan’s Taekwondo for over 3 months. We have seen these positive changes not only at home, but in school as well!

Mr. White

I highly recommend Bryan’s Tae Kwon Do. I trained at the establishment when it was located downtown. Master Bryan’s training gave me discipline and perseverance when I was a teenager. I excelled at Tae Kwon Do and it gave me a lot of self confidence. Now as a parent, I have enrolled my children in the program so they can learn self-defence and discipline. I hope they will enjoy it as much as I did.

I. Young